The Eighth Sin

The first could have countered the coming,
Instead, setting the ground work for fallen hearts,

The second, too troubled with self-doubt
Plagued with vanity to glimpse her lessons, the first guide,

Three didn’t see, didn’t hear, didn’t know, didn’t care,
Who could I have been under such shadows as past?

The fourth, lust filled hearts deployed fiery needles
Deep into the pulse of aching veins, nympholepsy,

The fifth, devourer, destroyer, slayer, engulfing,
Darkest narcissist, to rape, ravage, murder my being,

The sixth, pure innocent love, and how I felt with you,
Poisoned by what one through five taught, downfall,

The seventh didn’t stand up or stand a chance,
Sloths ugly host, a temporary fix to my deadly list,

I have seen, lived, loved, murdered, destroyed all
With equal care with the lessons I was indoctrinated,
And now eight, stands strong besides me,
Will you become my latest sin or saving virtue?

Poem © Phen Weston 2014


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