Between Thee Kingdoms

Between azure oceans
And multifarious skies,
A kingdoms of innocent white,
Pure rolling magnificence,
Holds insubstantial presence
Over the realm of mankind,
What escapades they must hold!


Poem © Phen Weston 2014


5 thoughts on “Between Thee Kingdoms

Add yours

      1. haha. Even writing accidents can be great. I think a lot of writing accidents are sometimes better than what we had in mind, at least in my writing it has been at times. Hope the day is treating you well.

      2. I agree. Maybe it is our subconscious yelling at us that what they think is better? Yes, thank you. My fiancé (or as she says finance) has had 2 days off in perfect weather. The first turned in to the poem “Wasted Days Meet Again”. Today I walked in Shelley’s footsteps through the villages of Lynton and Lynmouth. I hope yours is equally as great 🙂

      3. Finance. Haha, that’s great. Super clever! Sounds like a good start to a weekend. Sometimes the lazier days are the better days. Thank you: my weekend as been good so far too. The weather is nice here as well.

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