Framing Red Regarded

Tulips, vermillion,
Smash my senses
Like a meaningful bullet
To my empty vest,

Patterns scattered
Across endless ceiling
As contrived ventures
Span futures ascribed,

Freelance healing
Comes at a cost to
No one in particular
And I am that man,

Depression hugged,
Anxiety shrugged,
Self doubt, self shame,
Input belongs regarded,

So we wait it out,
Disgusting and delightful,
Do we indoctrinate souls
With perceived innocence?

And the image sticks,
Patterns scattered
Across endless ceiling,
Tulips, vermillion,

Nothing else matters,
Touches, different strokes,
Your ambience is my aura,
Impressions on a starlit day.

Poem © Phen Weston 2014
Image © Luis Correia


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