Everyone (Flash Fiction by Phen)

“How many died in my various names?” The almighty deity spoke.

The very last soul looked up into such sorrow filled archaic eyes.



13 thoughts on “Everyone (Flash Fiction by Phen)

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      1. If there exist bad things we should point out and call them appropriately, I dare say. Doing something in the name of religion doesn’t say even the least about religion, but only something about those behaving like that; at least IMHO. 🙂

      2. I agree. Doing some thing in the name of a god doesn’t make it that gods doing. But for evil to be done in the name of a god has happen throughout history and is still happening today. It must make said being sad and disheartened if they exist, I know I would feel that way if murder was condoned in my name. Thank you for reading and your insight 🙂

  1. Short but poignant. If there is a wise, compassionate God (and I believe there is), it must make Him weep to see how we’ve sullied His name in furtherance of our own egos and desires. I liked this.

    1. My beliefs differ from most, I don’t believe in a god as a sentient being like Christianity, but more as the whole of existence is god. I think it’s mostly beyond human understanding too. But I agree whole heartedly with what you write. Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

    1. I had an image of an entity looking down at the world today and seeing what was happening across the planet and its age and sadness hitting him. I think if we are not careful we will destroy our home and be blaming something/someone else with a smile on our faces as we do so. Thanks for reading my friend.

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