Travels On My Lonesome Road

Memory grows thin,
Do I diminish within?
Who am I for such
Drawn out days
To take their toll
On requiems untold,
I loved foolishly,
Crazily, hungrily,
Almost to the point
Of destructions kiss,
Each time I took
All I had to fill the void
I left for myself,
No other can hold
Such a place in my time,
I lived for me, died for me,
Everything else,
Just pastoral scenery
Along my lonesome road,

If I had somehow known
These truths before,
Imagine the days
I could have saved
To explore the more
Important meanings
Of the lonesome road,

Transient beauty
To fill my worlds beyond
The rummaging of everyday
Waffle, is there a meaning
To all we know
And don’t, by design
Or fate, or conscious state,
Elongated questions
Bound by fleeting time,
Relative, I wonder away,
Today and tomorrow,
And every day since
The word flowed across
My heavenly place,
A sign
On the lonesome road,

I walk each day
And take in all the grace,
The definition, the emotions
I hear before and after,
Hours, minutes, seconds,
To discover who I could be,
Do I fear latent memories,
Untapped, concealed,
Feverish fountain of knowledge,
The road is long
In my own moments,
But in brief universal encounters
I play out in a blink,
I am more and less
Than I could think,

My questions go
Unanswered once again,
More riddles left
For me to see
Upon my road
To ascendency,
Yet again I ask, question,
Spin, dance, move,
To find my path
Along the lonesome road
To me.

20140718-104349-38629240.jpg© Phen Weston 2014

7 thoughts on “Travels On My Lonesome Road

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    1. Thank you very much 🙂 I agree, there is a huge difference, that some people misunderstand. There is sadness in lonely, but such warmth and definition in alone 🙂

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