Waiting For A Day After…

Haemorrhaged love
Hold my sentimental
Heart to long orders
Entirely belated,
Who can help
The tortured souls
Of old relationships?
Overdue absolution
Simmers below us all,
I saw good in you once,
Those long lost nights
Spent immersed in each
Others luminescence,
We created futures
Bared only for our eyes,
Sweet tomorrows
And tender dreams,
Where do the vanquished
Go when dreams fold,
Our chain reaction
Diminished our chance,
Locked the door
On hopes we shared,
Key melted minds,
The troubles came,
Your force of darkness
Became my synonym,
Corruption, in Sin City
We moved our lives,
We shone brightly
In our world of darkness,
And you hurt me
Like it was your only purpose,
Your twisted mission,
Through which you
Became a glorious goddess,
Deviance and degradation,
Radioactive queen,
Enveloped and swallowed
We bathed in foreboding,
Now through long days
New light becomes the way,
Shining down on truths
We were once too blind
To take into loves account,
Haunted spectres
Shaded for centuries,
What new paths make
Our ways clear in passing turn,
I forgive your hurt
And hate towards
The downfall of our fate,
Created through a bitter state,
I forgive it all!
And day by day I quietly wait
For your forgiveness and subtle
Grace to live in love,
Unlike those we felt before,
Anew and afresh,
Beyond passion
And emotions of yesterday,
Beyond loves state,
As old friends we embrace
In times to come,
We forgive each,
To atonement we succumb.



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