Bourne Out Of Timeless Destruction

By Phen Weston and Christopher Rupley

Transplanted days

form new connections

away from the thunder

of occurrences uncontrolled,

freedom transforms

promised bounty

for all those who live

each moment to the brim

and who am I to argue?

Forever is a long

time to wait within!


Although thoughts drift

and stray between the

thoughts that carry us

between what is now

and what is soon to come,

we have already won,

become undone,

and become atoned


The clock hands


ever changing,

denouncing troubles

that come our way

as only hours lost one day,

atonement lives on

as memories,


leaving our selves

with what we think

we openly deserve.

Don’t we deserve the best?


And time becomes

our enemy and our friend,

an enabler,

a cage,

a majestic muse,

a canvas of limitless


and a window

through which we

all must see,

and this reality

is ours,

and we will bear

its pain,

for we are borne

of fire and will

all make the same

transition into what

lies beyond this


(This is part of a collaborative poetic effort between myself and Christopher Rupley. Make sure and check out his blog by visiting


9 thoughts on “Bourne Out Of Timeless Destruction

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  1. I like the concept of “Transplanted days”. A very interesting question mark here: “Don’t we deserve the best?” Is that to say perhaps we don’t deserve the best, or what we think is our best may not actually be the best for us. And what a fabulous ending. A very catchy collaboration.

    1. Thank you very much 🙂 I think both. Maybe the conscious and unconscious bests are at conflict, therefor whatever best we need is not really the best we deserve. I think maybe our personal bias interfere with what we think is best.

      1. You’re welcome. I totally agree with you. The world is based on conflict, in many ways. Even the clouds fight against the sun for dominance of the sky, but through that conflict emerges a harmony: there is a time for light and a time for darkness. And our needs are always fighting against our wants. I really like the idea of “conscious and unconscious bests”. Lots to think about here.

      2. Conflict is definitely always around us. Maybe it’s just emphasised by human nature. We do have internet conflicts raging all the time. The ID, ego and superego are never at rest. Leads to an interesting life though. I’m glad there is much to think about XD

      1. I am a mole hill to your mountain. You are a poet…I only strive to be. Thank you for your gracious compliment.

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