Cognito Ergo Sum

Visions derivative
Of echoed placements,
Who am I supposed
To be within these
Perpetually asked
Misinformed statements?
They say “there ain’t
No rest for the wicked”*,
Then I must be eternally
Damned, cos “there ain’t
No grave can hold
My body down”**
Will I rise more profound,
Every single day
Zombies slave away
With rotten decay,
Thinking they’re alive,
Just another collection
For their lost hive,
Uncivil civilisation,
Distractions, abstractions,
Obey, obey, obey,
The zombies glorify
The Weapons of
Their masses destruction,
Conundrums timeless
When I’m the oddity,
The “circuits dead,
There’s something wrong”***
Am I floating
In a skin can?
Far above the whirled
Senses of reality,
Disposed of to hide
The shame of thinking
For myself,
Who wants to stand out
For the right thing,
When the writing
Claims the eternal diva
Rules the realm,
Cognito ergo sum,
The truest lie
That society defy
In the name
Of the status quo

* Cage the Elephant, Ain’t no rest for the wicked, 2008
** Johnny Cash, Ain’t No Grave, 2010.
*** David Bowie, Space Oddity, 1972


Poem © Phen Weston
Image © Ben Zank


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