Reflections #3 (A haiku by Phen)

I stare back at me,
Overshadowed by bias,
World through the mirror.


Poem © Phen Weston


12 thoughts on “Reflections #3 (A haiku by Phen)

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    1. Thank you. Who we see looking back at us through the mirror haunts most people, but the negativity we conjure only effects ourselves. I find it amusing that we let ourselves get to us 🙂 god knows I used to do exactly that all the time.

      1. Yeah. I still have that problem from time to time. We have two selves, or so they say, the self other’s project upon us and the self we project upon ourselves.

      2. I completely agree. There are many faces to each of us. I decided that if the other self is going to be a dick then I’m just going to ignore him XD haha

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