Version 2.0

I’m try to be version 2.0

Pain, hurt, anger,
Channeled implosions,
Replicated in words,
Frail insider when
Always the outsider,

I’m done bata testing!

What’s the point
In letting them know,

The rage I feel
Has no outbound USB
Connection for your
Fucked up blockage,

My recourse
Words on a screen seen,

Rehashed, stashed,

The only inflict outward
Hostility has on us
Is internal memory,


Your damage
effects only me,
This the longest truth
To sink into my heart,

Anger leads to more
Inward software issues
Than letting go.

So here is my calming
Angry voice, the screen,
And only when pushed
Beyond my new
Serene programming

Do supernovas
And completely



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