So, the other day the documentary filmmaker, Michael Moore, retweeted my poem Stupid White Men (A collection of book titles #3) to his vast array of twitter followers and generally it got good feed back. But, as comes with such a controversial character as Mr. Moore there are also those who have negative opinions. Namely that the poem itself is racist.

It was my intention that this poem was a not only a play on book titles, but a look at, as Michael Moore’s book does, the greed, selfishness and hypocrisy of a certain group of individuals that put themselves before their species. To me race didn’t factor into this and the book title seemed to fit perfectly with what i intended. But not a racist poem.

I feel that I am far from racist, religionists or any other form of ist. To be honest, I find the whole concept of hatred confusing and almost beyond my grasp. We are all human beings after all. To hate one because of a difference in their nature or appearance is to hate not only your species, but yourself. Humanity is full of beauty, wonder and amazement that is a direct result of each of our unique qualities. Although I think this should extend to all species of life. All life is beautiful and unique and should be treasured for its vastness and beauty. I feel that as a human we have been given our intelligence for the purpose of caring for and bettering all life. We are the earth caretakers, not owners, Hence why I have been a vegetarian for the last 8 years too.

When I first started this blog I was always worried about feed back, especially any that might be negative. It took me many years and an amazing fiancé and family to gain enough confidence to share my poetry. Twice in the last 10 years I have completely destroyed everything I have written because i felt it was inadequate. I know this is probably to be expected, but getting twitter messages calling me racist is getting tiresome. Also I started a new job today at 5am, which meant typically my brain refused to shut up the night before just so I was ready for the early start! Im tired so I’m probably being to sensitive on the subject.

Now, I come to you fellow word pressers, to ask what you think, as on the whole I feel you have more sense and understanding than the vast majority on twitter who seem to troll instead of thinking. Sorry Twitter, I am generalising greatly here, but my short time on twitter has shown me that the great majority tweet before they think.

So, Is the poem racist?

Stupid White Men (A collection of book titles #3)

Thank you for reading,


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  1. Don’t ever stop writing. You’re way too talented in what you do. There always will be some criticism with the praise. Just drown out the bad stuff as best you can.

    1. Thank you XD that means a great deal coming from some I find greatly talented myself. I was expecting some eventually, but wasn’t quite prepared today. Some weeks are like that. But thank you for all your support and kind words my friend 🙂

      1. Yeah. I know what you mean. I get up at 5am sometimes for work. t’s not the greatest, but there always is a bright side. Focus on that. You’re always welcome.

  2. The more people get to see your writings, the more likely some one out there will at some point not like them. In short: if you publish, you will be criticized. You better get used to this, as your popularity grows.
    By the way, the poem did not appear as racist at all.

    1. Thank you. I know you’re right and I was expecting it at some point. But I think it caught me off guard today and it’s been one of those weeks so far. Thanks for the advice and support though. I really appreciate it 🙂

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