Is There Anybody Out There?

I search for you
Land, air and sea,
Through Forrest,
Over mountain,
Bottomless ocean,
Was it all in my head,
A state of decay,
Summer wars
Played out through
Awakened spirits,
Unleashed reality
That comes apart
With questioned
Like the complex
Ravings of deranged
Chaotic souls,
Moon phase,
Is there a ghost
In this shell
Or am I just
An empty vessel
For a meaning
That does not come
In this life
Or the next,
Is there a next
Or is the void
Just dead space?
I stand alone,
A complex of whole
Gigabytes, dream
Eater, clandestine
Eden of the east,
Some times I feel
Darker than black,
That evil lurks
Below my skin
And the smallest
Cut will cause it
To bleed me dry
And inside I die
Again, again, again,
But there is more
We cannot see
And do not know
And how do we
Explain the flow
Of love and breath,
The deep connection
Of the heart
That binds us
To the world,
Can you be there
In the face of all the hate
We throw at each other
Every day,
We are flawed
And if we are made
From your own image
Are you flawed too?
Does that make us
As human as you?
I love the you
I know and feel,
But that you may not
Be the real
One as seen by
The world at large,
But who is right
When my you
Keeps me warm
At night?


Poem © Phen Weston


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