I Smile

When the world
Comes into focus,
Rolling green fields,
Ancient wooded gods,
Curiosity of animals,
Emotive words,
Johnny Cash feels,
My children’s laugh,
Watching them grow,
Holding my daughter
While she slept,
Playing games
With my son,
With you,
Our eyes met,
A leap of faith
Followed by
Adrenaline rushing
Through my veins,
Getting to know
What makes you you,
When you said
You loved me too,
Holding you,
Kissing you,
Watching the
Million little facial
Gestures you
Aren’t even aware
You do, each one
Unleashes butterflies,
Our adventures,
Our first night in Paris
Strolling along the Seine
At midnight then
Under the Eiffel Tower,
A week of nothing
But endless passion
And perfect bliss,
When you said yes!
Emotions etched
In muscle-memory
Each moment
I spend in your heart.


Poem © Phen Weston

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