Meliorism is a lie!

Meliorism is a lie!
Can anyone really deny
This harsh reality?
Can the world
Get better through human
Effort? We allow the rape,
Pillage and desecration
Of that which gives
And sustains ours
And our children’s lives
Every single day,
Sitting back in comfy chairs
While bullshit politicians
Steal and sell our
Future short
For their own greed
And the ruthless pleasure
Of twisted souls,
I am as guilty as you,
Fukushima still kills
Our much needed oceans,
Murdering the innocence
It protects so dearly,
But it’s yesterday’s news
And more important NOTHING!
Is being repeated on the box,
Frack today, gone tomorrow,
Polluting our lives and homes
And we believe
The endless lies, it’s safe
As long as we’re all beliebers!
Monsanto breeds it’s poison
Frankenfood for our consumption
And we consume
Like that’s all there is
To such sweet life!
Across the globe
Atrocities play out
In our beloved names and religions,
As though benevolent gods
Would really want
The endless violent
Murder of their loved creation,
God, Allah, whoever
Doesn’t care if you’re
Black, white, purple,
Christian, Muslim, Jedi, Jew,
Only that we love and care,
Help and share,
Not only with our fellows species
But with all those WE
Were placed here to protect,
Instead of slaughtering
Their bloodlines in horrific ways
To feed our own wants,
While across the planet
Uncountable pieces of paper
Are hopelessly spent on such
Inconsequential matters
As who wants what!
Said what!
Did what!
When we could be saving,
Educating, growing, hoping,
Planting, caring, loving,
We are all human.
Our world cries
For our protection
And we are too shallow to see
That which it so desperately needs
Protecting from, Is we!


Poem © Phen Weston


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