First Ever Award = Happy Phen

My first ever award. I don’t know really what to write, I always manage to achieve this state of not knowing what to say when the spotlight is on me. Thank you very much to SPREADINCRAZYSMILES for this. It means a great deal that you have enjoyed my writing enough to nominate me and for the beautiful words you wrote here.

one-crazy-life-to-another-awardkeep-calm-part-2-betterNow comes the extremely hard part though, to nominate others for this award. How can I chose between the amazing blogs that I have grown to love over the last few months. There are so many of you out there that deserve the recognition and this award and I honestly don’t know how I am supposed to chose between you all 😦 but here goes and I am sorry that I could nominate you all.

1) Benjamin Grossman – You are an amazing writer and poet. Your words resonate through me and allow me to see the world in new ways that I had missed before. Your poetry is mind blowing, well thought through and always a pleasure to read, and your novel (even though I haven’t had much time to get though it as of yet) is genius and amazing. You are amazing my friend!

2) ἇRVℎℰℰ – You have such a way with words that inspire and touch me every time I read one of your poems. Usually this is first thing in a morning and always places me in a good thoughtful mood for the remainder of the day. When I read your words I am always left breathless. 

3) haddyism – You have such a way of expression in such short poems. The mind you have is amazing and crazy and  to see each new post is like a new thought fulfilled. I’m jealous of the way you see the world, it always come across in such a beautiful way through your poems. 

4) imackenzie14 – Reading your entries each day and seeing your inspiring photography helps me place the world in perspective. You are honest and kind and this comes through in your posts, even with the difficulties you have faced. I wish you and Celeste the very best in your up coming wedding and a life time of happiness to follow

5) sleepykitten – You are a strange beautiful kitten and this can be seen in each of your poems! They call out with such raw power and emotion. I love reading them each day. I hope the blog has brought Amelie the pleasure and happiness your writing brings to me.

6) G.E. Gallas – The first blogger I met through WordPress. Your drawings are stunning and the love for what you do shines through each of them. Your knowledge on both Blake and Stevenson staggers me and I have to admit I am jealous. I love your graphic novel The Poet and The Flea and cannot wait for more, as well as to see your movie Death is no bad friend

7) Nitin – I have only recently discovered your blog, but through your poetry I have learnt so much. It is powerfully written. You have such an emotive way with words and you bring such experience along with it. I am in constant awe!

 So now I feel guilt for everyone I didn’t nominate. Im sorry, but there is only so many I can. If you want to do your own nominations click the link to find out more. Take care all.


7 thoughts on “First Ever Award = Happy Phen

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  1. That was an amazing award acceptance post! You did well! You can always make one up of your own and give it away to as many people as you like! 🙂 That’s what I did! I do one every week, that way I can get in all the people I missed and find new people!

  2. Hi Phen,
    Congratulations on the award. Well deserved.
    Also I’m beyond happy to know that my posts make a difference in your day, it’s amazing how media makes the world so small.. Bless your kind heart for extending this award to me.. 🙂

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