Unhood your ears so this ain’t misunderstood,
Boyhood through adulthood,
You think your living ‘Kidulthood’
Sayin’ “The streets are rough”,
But what’s really the likelihood
In this suburban neighbourhood?
You ain’t low riding through Compton!
You claim it’s for the greater good,
Like you’re some kinda Robin Hood!
Trying to hoodwink the facts,
Just a hoodlum gettin’ jacked
All bling, tracksuits and hoodies,
Thinking it’s dope to be a “hoody”,
Little Red Riding Hood
Is more street, that’s whack!
You’re so full of falsehoods
Thinking you’re the Original G,
But we both know there ain’t no
Boyz in your hood.


Poem © Phen Weston


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