Woven For None To See

Unworldly we ride the
Lingering forgotten winds
Of change, and chase
The murky blues away,
Maverick sins,
Omitted days,
Our time is as brief
As crashing waves
On distant shores,
Waters of universal
Presence touch,
Further our existence
And vanish in the aqua
Of our third eye,
Tides turn our hearts,
Controlled by celestial
Bodies that most
Will only dream
To feel beneath
Their earthly feet,
Through time we walk
The sands of infinity
And never a footprint
We leave along the way,

By our side, standing
Shoulder to shoulder,
Are those who’s name
Is one day ours, ancestor,
Those who lived before us
With warmth and hopes,
Loves and fears,
King and commoner,
Fleeting to the verse,
Each twilight to us,
They too leapt lightly
In soft foaming waves,
Child, adult, elder,
The DNA of all we were
And forevermore will be.

Looking behind is easy,
When all that we could be
Follow us, step for step,
Our conscious strength,
Our dreaming voids,
Some may cure the world,
Other may bring
It to its knees,
The cycle of life repeats,
The hard part,
Knowing that all
This will one day
Be lost, cast away
To blanketed memories,
Wandering and strayed,
Our tapestry will ultimately
Be woven for none to see.

The questions remains
What and why are we?
Do we know the name,
The face, of one so many
Claim to speak for,
Shedding innocent blood
In the endless honour
And pleasing of,
God, Jehovah, Allah,
Will its name be ours
When time here is done.
Past, present, future,
The dying of the light
The birth of the cosmos,
How can it judge us
When it is within us,
All life and nature
Come from, return to,
The vastness of its ebb and flow,
The great unending ocean
With currents beyond
Our understanding,
Woven for none to see.


Poem © Phen Weston


4 thoughts on “Woven For None To See

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  1. Excellent. I love the words and the message. That part about footprints near the beginning was something beyond special. Love the way you intertwine philosophy and poetry, deep thinking and beauty.

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