Primal Provocateur

Pondering stimulates
Starlights hold,
Careless, capricious,
Seduction swims,
Kiss me soft,
Fuck me hard,
I want to feel
Everything you
Are, outside, inside,
Every side,
Groan with me,
Surrogate sweetheart
I’ll hold you tight
As we ride, frenetic,
Petulant ivory,
Jealous understanding,
Sinew react
And blood rushes,
Closer, closer
Flesh lashed languid
Shift, shiver, silence,
Lost we plunge,
Veins tingle, tangent,
Orgasm evoked,
Primal provocateur,
Familiar fantasy,
Perceptive perfume,
Our eyes hold
Each other’s gaze,
A silhouette of
Who we once were.


Poem © Phen Weston


3 thoughts on “Primal Provocateur

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  1. The last two lines and this part really peaked my interest: “Everything you / Are, outside, inside, / Every side,”. Always enjoy the philosophy of your words.

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