Each Night You Haunt

I saw your apparition
Once again last night,
Haunting what should be
Serenity, the nightly calm,
You linger , inflicting,
The sorrow and pain
That I once wounded
You so deeply with. Yet,
My pleas for forgiveness
Dissipate across
The hallowed hours

Five years turn
To six years, turn
To seven, scattered
At your loveless feet,
You’d think enough
Time had passed,
Yet ethereal visions
Dispense your requiem,
Cacophony of sleepless
Souls mirror my guilt.
Could you be guilt?

I saw you in my dreams
And like times of old,
We loved with such
Hope and passion, such
Endless devotion,
That I maimed
And raped through
Fear that you would
Do the same to me,
Deceived and torn by lies
Of those I deeply trusted.

I am Othello’s bane
My dear Desdemona,
And I am that haunted
Phantasm of blinding truths,
That, like the night, I am
Nothing more than shadows,
My own fears and worries,
I, the boogeyman, which stalks
Myself through your mask,
Revenant spectre knowing
You will never know I’m sorry.


Poem © Phen Weston


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