Ode To WordPress Poets

You inspire me every day with the words you write,
Such an assemblage of exquisite expressions,
Becoming and efflorescence to these eyes,
You are the cynosure of the freshly pressed,
Elixir of words and dalliances of syllables
Eloquently dance across my screen each day,
And with your poems I am exhilarated anew.

Animated, provocative, emotive,
You change the world and words of all who read,
Erstwhile through your ethereal hands I become
The better poet for reading you, evanescent
Some maybe, Vanishing quickly, evocatively
They linger, drifting through my thoughts,
Perfect symmetry and winsomeness wisdom.

Lissome, mellifluous, the onomatopoeia
Of love and beauty, influential panacea,
A pastiche penumbra, your words are art,
And these I write cannot do justice
To the allure and elegance your poems
show me, you are the quintessential ripples
Of the ever changing sempiternal universe.


Poem © Phen Weston


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