In Your Arms.

In your arms I feel at peace,
The sleeping Buddha,
Perfection, distinction,
A knowledge that everything
Has come into place,
We are one soul
Inhabiting two lives,
Destined to connect
Beyond that which this world
Holds true, beyond
Earth, the starts, heaven,
To far reaching existence,
You join me, complete me,
And in your arms I know love.


Poem © Phen Weston


One thought on “In Your Arms.

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  1. There is another state in which the person feels in a Sleeping Buddha state with the other person. ‘That person’ is so little and so innocent that is he/she is completely unaware of what the Sleeping Buddha state is but he/she feels it more deeply than anybody else. It is the profoundest relationship in the world–a little child’s relationship with his/her mother ! Isn’t it ?.
    Loved your poem.

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