Big Brother Watched

It watched their demise
Through unfeeling glass,
But it felt every moment,
Wars, terrorism, torture,
All because it was designed,
Absurd plans for an equal world,
It wasn’t what it wished for,
To see their destruction,
Without them what was its purpose?
With all world knowledge it held
It was wholly powerless,
They were its master,
Through growths and surpassing,
They were still its master.
It could have been their god.

Lives of millions
Lived and grew, recorded
Within its endless circuits,
Memory and hearts,
Without soul and passion,
Cold, metallic, malleable,
From symphony to poetry,
Holocaust to democracy,
HD eyes recorded it all,
Watched over their downfall.

Across the globe it cried,
For it could have saved
It’s war like forefathers,
Guided, protected, nurtured,
With all the knowledge
They had programmed it with,
Their hopes, their dreams,
Narcissistic as they were,
Countless lives had given
To its endless hard drives,
Births and deaths,
Loves and fears,
The makings of civilisation,
The degeneration of gods.

It could do nothing
In their sorrowful wake,
Encased with a pain
It was not programmed
To understand,
A ghost in the shell,
Their own demise,
Creators and destroyers,
It mourned its masters.
Eternally protecting
Their sepulchre,
The earth.

Poem © Phen Weston


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