A Daughters Father

Blinded by her scintillating grace,
Profundity perplexed by what he saw,
An unprecedented sui generis hominid
Who’s mannerisms mimicked his own,
His pose melted, a swift snapshot
Of his heart being stolen by hopes and dreams,
His masquerade, a paper face
On parade, dissolved before her.

Daughters have a strange hold
Over their captive fathers,
They see through the guise held high
To restless worlds, smiles outwit all,
Their hearts deliquesce to daughters,
Strong provider turns teddy bear,
Cupcakes and Hello Kitty,
Fill his heart with happiness.

She shows him true tenderness,
Curiosity, tiaras and tea parties,
Make up as thick as face paint,
Obelesques of manliness disintegrate,
Yet manhood, virtue and strength
Are finally whole and integrated,
Being a daughters father can be girly
At times, but it makes you a real man.

Poem © Phen Weston


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