Am I Your Stigmata?

Am I your stigmata?
Your displaced disgrace
Or your divine favour?
My place in your world
Is unfathomable, fathomless,
Forsaken, Are we incapable
Of exploration?

Its not difficult to understand,
Are we that Greek to you?
As abstract as we could be deep,
Are we as clear as dishwater,
Instead, enigmatic and esoteric,
Hauntingly heavy and hidden,
We are dismembered.

From universal truths,
incomprehensible to me,
We could be softly intricate,
Harmoniously involved,
Instead we’re obscure,
perplexing and puzzling,
Omitted and limited.

What we could be
We will never see,
Worlds apart, Hearts torn,
Life moves forever on,
But I stay with you always.

Poem © Phen Weston


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