Hate, Obsession, Lust.

Evocatively mirrored
Prototypal sin
Reduces to ashes
The innocent desires within,
Incinerate and cauterise
Deeply the wounds
Of lust, obsession and lies,
So once more we forget
The lamenting disapproval,
And combine soulful refusal
To end this chaotic
Unrelenting demise
Of our uncontrolled erotic
Wants, wills, what-ifs,
We feel the sensually raw
Passion of a thousand
Raging suns, flesh
And stimulation twist
Impassioned minds
Beyond fierce fervid
Feelings. I want you
Again and again and again,
Aphrodisiac mentor,
Melding fires burn
Brightly with such turbulent,
Stormy, charged lessons,
You are no good for me,
Every cell of my being
screams unstoppably this,
Yet, all I want is to consume
Every star and devour every planet
In your concupiscent universe,
I, Caesar, will conquer
Your totalitarian taboos
Over me, leaving you
Shaking and extinguished,
You will not rise from
Our erogenous ashes,
We will mourn and hate
Each fibre of each other
With the same unending passion,
Venom fuelled Venus
Forlorn scorn and spite,
Until naked we fall once more.
Poem © Phen Weston


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