22 Days In Vietnam: Day 22

After the previous two days we thought our last day would be a bit of a let-down. Our plane wasn’t due to take off until 9pm and we honestly didn’t know what to do, still feeling down about the missing money. It may not seem like a lot, but $100 is $100. To us it is a lot. It was also the money we had purposefully put aside for the hotel. I have to say though, it actually turned in to a nice and fun end to our Vietnam tour.

At breakfast the staff were being extra nice, offering us more food and drinks. This had never been done before. Yet, nothing had been done about the money itself. We decided to take one last walk around Hanoi and we were both very glad we did. It is a beautiful city with so much there. Every day you discover something new. We walked by the lake and bought a few last minute items before returning to the hotel for check out.

anh ho guom1

The manager sat us down and insisted again that her staff were not responsible, couldn’t possibly be, insisted again that we must have spent it without realising or misplaced it ourselves. The previous evening we had searched every inch of our room. Checked our suitcases, pockets and anywhere else it may have slipped! It was nowhere and we knew it hadn’t left the room. She insisted that nothing like this had happened at her hotel before! And even insisted that there was a policy where anything left in the room was done so at our own risk… Yet! She had decided that even though this policy was in place and it was in no way the hotels responsibility that the hotel would cover half the missing money. She even said that if we insisted they would cover all of it. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seemed a little suspicious… or really nice of them… either way, we agreed on them covering half and left it at that. Other than this and the naked man incident the hotel was really nice and the staff amazing. We weren’t going to let money ruin that.

We left for lunch and another stroll before out taxi to the airport. We are both so glad we did because (like in most cities) we came across several artists drawing sketches of tourists. But unlike other cities these are very cheap! We decided to get one, we have always wanted too, but they have always been a little too much for our tight budgets. The final drawing is beautiful. I even got a bonus. A second artist bored and with no one to draw drew me while the first was also doing so. He did try charging me, but we had only enough dong for the first… so he took 2 cigarettes as payment instead. There was quite a crowd watching the young artist, who was very talented.

Hanoi is a beautiful city. We really enjoyed our time there, and the few bad incidents that occurred won’t spoil that. They could have happened anywhere. We will miss Hanoi and all of Vietnam.

From there we started our extensively long and tiresome 30 hour journey back to North Devon. The flights seemed a great deal quicker, but the train from London to Barnstaple. Especially the final hour seemed to take a life time. Long and time-consuming, lingering and dense it went on…



We were home where we didn’t want to be, Over 5500 miles from where we did… But I guess all things must end, until our next adventure. As SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!


Vietnam is a stunning, rich country with so much history and culture. The country is a mix of beautiful rice fields cut with some of the most stunning, breath taking landscapes on earth. It is populated with a remarkable and friendly people, who even after centuries of strife, welcome travellers with open arms. 

I would not hesitate to return to this beautiful land if given the chance and hopefully one day will get the opportunity to do so. If you are planning to travel soon and get a chance to visit Vietnam, do so, I promise you will not be disappointed.



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      1. I know that feeling. I’m planning my next adventure, but need money first. So many places though. You will enjoy it. You will have to let me know what you think of it when you do go.

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