Breakout, stand apart,
Desertion of disappearance
Is liberation rescuing withdrawal,
Abdication of avoidance,
Beat, bolt, break,
Bypassing reality
Circumvention of the facts,
Decampment along life’s highway,
Deliverance that dodges and ducks,
Eloping the soul,
Elusions of illusions,
Elusive as it may be
Evasion can inspire
The poet, The painter, The thinker,
Evasive evanescence moulds dreams,
Mental dive… rsion,
Shapes our seams
The fabrics of our realities.
I indulge in daydreams
To enhance the who in I am.

Poem © Phen Weston


3 thoughts on “Escaping

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  1. Those last two lines set a new standard of perfection. I’m almost certain it doesn’t get any better than that kind of perfection; truly, you have reached the mountains beyond perfection itself. Beyond fantastic!

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