22 Days In Vietnam: Days 13/14

Day 13

Today we’ve been lazy (and why not we’re on holiday). While choosing a restaurant out of thousands in Hue we noticed a hotel with a pool open to non guests (Star Hotel, 105,000 VND) and spent most of the day there just relaxing. It was a nice peaceful day and to be far we needed a lazy day.


We did, however, take a Cyclo tour of the city for an hour in the afternoon stopping at the huge market to get a few things. it cost us 100,000 each and was definitely worth it. I’d wanted to try one for a while now and thought why not! The drivers spoke good English and pointed out some of the local sights as we went around. It was interesting to watch all the preparations of the up coming festival. I do wish we could stay longer to see it. Unfortunately though this isn’t an option.

We ended our time in Hue with a little last minute shopping, buying an Ao Dai (traditional dress) for my fiancé and a nice Asian styled jacket for myself, as well as, a great meal at a restaurant who’s name I can’t remember off hand! but will get back to you with. There are so many around though that it’s easy to find some great food.


Day 14

Packing, organising, and repacking to remain in our weight limit before traveling to hanoi via Vietnam Airlines. Nice little plane with friendly staff. More room than the Emirates plane we flew over here on.

Then a drive to Hanoi itself. We are staying at the Hanoi Eclipse. First impressions are a bias at the moment though. The rooms have windows that look out on to the stairways, instead of outside. I don’t mind this, it’s a window after all. Just have to keep the curtains closed if you don’t want people looking in as they pass. I just wish the naked guest in the room below us remembered that instead of lying on his bed fondling his testicles as we walk past!

We are planning to take a look at Hanois old quarter today and tomorrow is a tour to Tam Coc.

Take care blogosphere.


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