22 Days in Vietnam: Days 8/9

Day 8

It’s raining! All across the land. Mist and magnificence that is not witnessed in rain in the UK. A completely different feel. Unfortunate it still makes it hard to do much. Although we did sort out tailoring today. Below is my fiancé in one of the three items she had made. I’ll add some of my suit once I can (can’t right now though and you will understand why in day 8). She got 2 tops and a dress for roughly $100, although if we were better at haggling we could have probably even halved that. Haggling is the key in Hoi An. As we have learnt, if you start low and have a top price you will pay stick to it, if they won’t lower go to walk away, the sellers usually change their minds fast… If not there are a million other stalls/shops selling identical items.

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