The Mist and The Jade Emperor

Sea mist blew across
The shores of Da Nang,
Over the mountains
And gushed down in to the valley,
Like the slow exhaling breath
From an long dormant
Forgotten dragon it filled
The air until all was blind
In the town below, with it
Could be felt the whisper
Of old tales of courage,
Love and long lost honour.
The mighty jade emperor sits
watching his mortal
Kingdom dissolve into
The sweeping depths of
Dragon breath, from his
Heavenly realm, it’s true
Magnificence and grandeur
Witnessed and appreciated
Only by himself,
“Such a beautiful sight
That mortals can only partly
See and understand”
He thought to himself,
“Like so much in their world,
Yet they try so hard at times”
He loved his kingdoms,
The benevolent and knowing
god that he is and always will be,
He loved humans more
Than all other of his creations.

Poem © Phen Weston


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