22 Days in Vietnam: days 4/5

I didn’t get chance to write a post yesterday, so I’m afraid you have 2 days in 1 today.

Yesterday we toured the Mekong Delta with TNk Travel. We really loved it. It’s a very beautiful place, with such character. Far from anything back home. We left about 8am and returned at 5pm. The trip cost $20 each and included a look at a traditional village with honey farm, vietnamese honey green tea and traditional vietnamese folk music. I don’t usually like honey, but thought I’d give it a try anyway, I may only be here once after all… It was amazing and sweet! Then a sampan ride along the intricate canals interconnecting along the Mekong River. It was a very beautiful experience. I could have stayed on that boat all afternoon, but the temperature was crazily hot and the poor lady rowing the boat was definitely feeling it. The canal we went along was beautiful and quiet, we were surrounded by water coconut trees and their huge towering leaves, giving you such a sense of peace, like we were the only ones there (ignoring the other 5 boats ahead of us, which weren’t in view most of the time anyway). It’s hard to believe that not far from us was the hectic river with endless vietnamese slow boats boats transporting hundreds of tourists up and down the Mekong all day long, every day.


The boats docked at a coconut candy “factory”, where vietnamese women were making the sweets by hand. The samples of the hot candy were delicious and we couldn’t resist buying some. They then bought out a large python, which I was the first to hold. I love snakes!

We then boarded the slow boat and took a 20 minute journey to turtle island where we stopped for lunch. Definitely the worst part of the trip, but it was included so can’t complain (and after a couple attempts they managed to sort a vegetarian meal… Apparently some how pork is vegetarian). Then back on to the slow boat for another short trip back down the Mekong to our coach.

Our final stop was the stunning Vinh Trang pagoda with it’s 3 giant Buddha statues. Such a beautiful place. Unfortunately we only had 20 minutes here. We could have happily spent at least an hour.


That night we sat and watched Power Jam at the Saigon Hard Rock Cafe. It was a great night and a very good cover band, covering hits from the Animlas, Papa Roach, Linkin Park and so many others. As the night progressed they got into there element with more hard rock and metal. Great end to 3 days in Saigon. We really regret not having more time here. It really does need more.

Today we spent flying out to Hoi An, with a quick walk around the ancient town, lounging around the pool, and a really nice meal at Restaurant Tin Tin across the street, funny and friendly staff too. I actually know how to use chop sticks now! Hoi An seems like a great place. We will be looking more tomorrow, as well as investigating the legendary tailors and my fiancé getting me a custom made engagement ring. Also a trip to the My Son ruins.


Till then fellow human beings,


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