I’m Sorry

Has any one person not made some mistake?

Caused some irredeemable heartache?

I have harmed you hopelessly, foolishly,

Hurt you beyond anyway I could comprehend,

But I am sorry, guilt-ridden, conscience-stricken.

It’s not like Elton sings,

Sorry is not the hardest word,

When sincerity screams, shouts, shrieks,

With a limitless sorrowing cry,

Yet, it’s the hardest word to hear

And heart breaking to accept.

All I am now is unendingly repentant,

Self-accusing, Self-condemning,

These are all I can be, because you

Will never forgive me.


Poem © Phen Weston


3 thoughts on “I’m Sorry

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  1. I think you’ve captured the lonely feeling of an unaccepted sorry wonderfully. Sorry can be hurtful for both parties, but also has its benefits, too. Nice work.

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