Ten Reasons I Love You.

You twist you lips
In such a way your
Smile is almost
Sideways when I
Tell you why I
love you, you’re
probably doing it
As you read this.
You get confused
So easily over plots
To movies and shows,
I’m always recapping.
Your Tsundoku matches
My own, only because
We don’t have time
To read them all, but
we’re trying.
You dance around
In cute foolish ways,
Not caring if
Someone is watching,
I always get paranoid.
You make up songs
About our travels,
A different one for
Each location, a new
One to come soon.
Your uber
Holiday planning!
Your immense
Generosity to those
Who need it, not
Questioning, only
Giving. Because
You love me, choosing
Me above all others.
The way you love me,
Unconditional and free…
Oh and your sexy

Image © Phen Weston
Poem © Phen Weston


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