I Watch You As you Undress

I watch you as you undress,
You watch me as I’m watching you,
Calling me a perv for doing so,
It’s not that I perv, like some
Dirty old man in a sordid sex shop,
But how can I not admire your
Body, I want to bathe in your perfect
Contours and kiss each centimetre
Of your naked skin. You radiate
Beauty, a thousand suns all shining
Down on me. Helen of Troy
In your presence would have turned
Us all to stone, a Medusa
in comparison to you.
My deepest seraph’s dream.
“Beautiful as a remembered
single line of perfect poetry”,
A Madonna, my Venus, the smile
That captivated Da Vinci’s heart.
You are all the splendour I see.
Ok ok, I admit it, I may also perv,
But can you blame me when
Before my eyes stands all
Beauty that inspired mankind?



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