Woe to Earth

Woe to the earth,
For her lost children
Have bled her heart
Until she cannot cry
With her long turmoil.
Can anyone come
To rescue her now?

Her beauty transformed
The fleeting species
In her loving embrace.
Nourished and warmed
Their aching bodies
Until they were grand
And their strength
Shone through her.

From her rich contours
To those azure submersive
Depths, she has given all
To those who dared
to ask her for it,
she is the mother
Of us all, the angel of
Humanity. She is
A goddess among
The endless stars.

Yet, through greed
And selfish hatred
Her lost children
Have raped
And destroyed
All that she is.
Woe to our mother
And woe to us all.
Without her
We are all doomed.

Image © Rebellya
Poem © Phen Weston


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