Old Gods

Beneath the mountains
Sleep forgotten gods of old,
Tired of the troubles of man.

Poem © Phen Weston


2 thoughts on “Old Gods

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  1. This one sits in that place of beyond good. It’s a interesting idea of where do gods go when religions fade. Where is Zeus? Where is Hera? It’s funny that you here the “old gods” have grown tired of man when we often think of man growing weary of the gods. I like how you said so much in such a short space. I always appreciate brevity, especially powerful brevity.

    1. Thank you very much XD I’m glad you enjoyed it. I too find it fascinating as to why man became weary of the “old gods”. What makes the “new gods” have such a lasting hold? I hadn’t heard of a Katuata before yesterday, but wanted to try it, even though its very similar to a Haiku. Short and sweet works well some times. Thank you again.

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