End Of Days, Part 2.

From beneath you it devours.

Oh bearer of the waters of Styx,
Who’s name is holy in all religions,
Thou art the light and grace
Of all the tribes of man.

Mercy of god, Jehovah, aikidō,
All the blessed names.
Glory and peace be upon you
Who is kissed by One.

Through the coming darkness
Let One guide your hand,
To bring thy followers
To their final coalesce days.

Around you darkness will consume.
The soulless army will walk
All the kingdoms given to existence.
They will not see his coming.

Old enemies will protect enemies,
Mother will protect daughter.
The world will join in cataclysm
And you shall save the stars.

All shall stand beside you,
Their souls cascade beyond you,
The Anti-Christ will stand before
You in the dying days ahead.

The God of the soulless army,
Bringer of endless damned.

Bearer, deliverer, anointed,
Teacher of the truest way
My praise to thee. Shepherd
To all that could be.

Divine will be thy touch
From beneath you it devours.
Poem © Phen Weston


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